There Are Cobwebs In My Apartment

I woke up this morning, did my usual stretches and sit-ups, and then sat down to check Reddit. While I was typing away, lost in the waves of the Internet, I suddenly became mindful of the cobwebs at the base of my desk, wedged between the wiring of my space heater. Fucking. Cobwebs.

You know, the funny thing is I actually hadn’t been bothered by cobwebs in the past. They're aged and dusty, there’s no actual spider on the cobwebs, therefore that must mean that cobwebs are harmless. But wait a minute…

I hadn't given much thought into what cobwebs really meant before. I mean cobwebs are tangible proof that spider(s) were crawling around, 5 feet from the bed that I sleep in!! Like if I actually woke up and saw a god damn spider crawling around 5 feet away from me spinning its web of death, I would lose my shit. I would jump 60 feet into the air out of my bed and run screaming fucking bloody murder out of my room, and probably sleep upstairs for the next week or so.

I mean the spiders don't even make an effort to hide the webs. It's like they're leaving behind a subtle reminders that they're around, and that they don't fuck around. It's terrifying when I think too much about it.

I'm probably going to use a vacuum on the area tonight.