The Origins of mrcornman

Where does the name "mrcornman" come from? In the summer after my sophomore year of university, I taught teenage students at a tech camp called iD Tech Camps. Our first task as instructors at the camp was to come up with a silly nickname for ourselves that the students would be required to address us as at all times. I chose "Corny" as my nickname in a blaze of inspiration, deriving it from my love of corn as a food, and my taste for corny humor. This might just be me, but there's something oddly satisfying about making people call you by a name that you personally invented. Eventually, one of the students--we'll call her Sarah--improved upon the concept and began calling me "Mr. Cornman" instead of Corny. The name clicked and shortly after my time teaching at the tech camp, I built V1 of this website in Wordpress, changed my Twitter handle to @mrcornmann, and otherwise completely overhauled my brand to revolve around the concept of corn. Thanks for beginning the movement, Sarah.