First Post (Welcome!)

Ok peeps, it's happening. First post of this blog! My name's Jonathan and I created this blog on a bit of a whim. I wanted my own private place to share weird life experiences and random thoughts, without having to expose myself through Facebook or Twitter. Why should you care? Well think about it this way: I'm young, inexperienced, and also a little weird, which often leads to strange or disastrous situations that should be avoided. If someone like me can learn not to microwave aluminum, you can too!

I'll add a short blurb of information about myself. I'm currently working as a software engineer at a mobile gaming company in New York, so besides writing in this blog I spend away most of my days typing into a computer and eating copious amounts of micro-kitchen snacks. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY with my roommate Toby and his dog. I'm avid consumer of mainstream media: as such I revere Justin Bieber, my favorite video game series is currently Dark Souls, and I have often eaten spaghetti every single weekday night for extended periods of time. On the side I've been taking improv classes and am having fun with them (maybe a little too much fun).

In a series of coming posts, I'll be discussing why I chose "mrcornman" as the name of this website, the difficulties in setting this website up and getting it hosted, and also a new concept that I've learned and experienced called "olfactory hallucinations". Stay tuned!