The Origins of mrcornman

Where does the name "mrcornman" come from? In the summer after my sophomore year of university, I taught teenage students at a tech camp called iD Tech Camps. Our first task as instructors at the camp was to come up with a silly nickname for ourselves that the students would be required to address us as at all times. I chose "Corny" as my nickname in a blaze of inspiration, deriving it from my love of corn as a food, and my taste for corny humor. This might just be me, but there's something oddly satisfying about making people call you by a name that you personally invented. Eventually, one of the students--we'll call her Sarah--improved upon the concept and began calling me "Mr. Cornman" instead of Corny. The name clicked and shortly after my time teaching at the tech camp, I built V1 of this website in Wordpress, changed my Twitter handle to @mrcornmann, and otherwise completely overhauled my brand to revolve around the concept of corn. Thanks for beginning this movement, Sarah.

The Pains of Building a Django Blog

This post is going to talk about how I set this blog up. Warning!!! Do not read this post if you are allergic to terms like "static files" and "DNS"!!! Normally, sane people who want to start a blog use blogging services like Tumblr or Wordpress. I had gone the Wordpress route before, however, and after losing all my old blog post data from my old blog I decided I wanted to try hard mode this time and set up the blog on my very own web app. After researching various web frameworks, I decided to work with the Django web framework.


First Post (Welcome!)

Ok peeps, it's happening. First post of this blog! My name's Jonathan and I created this blog on a bit of a whim. I wanted my own private place to share weird life experiences and random thoughts, without having to expose myself through Facebook or Twitter. Why should you care? Well think about it this way: I'm young, inexperienced, and also a little weird, which often leads to strange or disastrous situations that should be avoided. If someone like me can learn not to microwave aluminum, you can too!